Announcing Partnership with Obelisk Tech

Announcing Partnership with Obelisk Tech

The Miners’ Union is proud to announce a partnership with Obelisk Tech to provide a home for their clients’ Obelisk miners. Clients who have pre-orderd SC1 Siacoin miners or the recently announced DCR1 Decred miners can host with the Miners’ Union for a flat monthly rate of $99 per unit per month. The Miners’ Union is proud to accept Siacoin and Decred as payment for hosting these miners.

Obelisk SC1 Siacoin miners, of which 2000 have been sold at time of writing, are slated to be released June 30th, 2018. Sia is an innovative cryptocurrency that uses an implementation of blockchain technology to facilitate a decentralized file storage system in the cloud. From the Sia website:

Sia splits apart, encrypts, and distributes your files across a decentralized network. Since you hold the keys, you own your data.

“No outside company can access or control your files, unlike traditional cloud storage providers. … Using the Sia blockchain, Sia creates a decentralized storage marketplace in which hosts compete for your business – this leads to the lowest possible prices. Renters pay using Siacoin, which can also be mined and traded.”

In an announcement this past June, the Sia development team discussed their intention to manufacture 28nm ASIC miners for mining Siacoin through a partnership with Obelisk Tech. The Sia miner pre-sale is still on-going; you can pick one up today for $2499.

In an exciting twist this past week, the Obelisk team announced they would also be producing a 28nm ASIC miner for mining Decred, or “Decentralized Credit”.  From the Decred website:

Decred is an open and progressive cryptocurrency with a system of community-based governance integrated into its blockchain.

“Decred is constructing a layered governance organization that extends beyond the miners and users to bring forward and represent insider and outsider voices in the community. … Decred uses a hybridized consensus system to strike a balance between miners and users to create a more robust currency. … The project is bound by the Decred Constitution, so users can know what to expect: a finite number of coins, decentralized governance and a place to share their views.  Decred’s community plays an important role in making decisions, both informally via the forum and formally via the blockchain.”

The decision to produce Decred miners alongisde Siacoin miners was the striking similarity between the mining algorithm that will be printed on the chips. Both blockchains use variations of the BLAKE hashing algorithm for Proof of Work: Sia mining uses blake2b, whereas Decred uses blake256.

Obelisk tech is offering anyone who preordered a SC1 Siacoin miner a coupon for a preorder of a DCR1 Decred miner. Otherwise, you can also preorder a DCR1 today for $2499.

If you decide to preorder a SC1 Siacoin miner or a DCR1 Decred miner, you can have Obelisk Tech ship your unit directly to our facilities.

We welcome all new union members coming from the Siacoin and Decred communities!

Existing union members can learn more about these platforms by checking out the Siacoin Whitepaper and Decred Whitepapers, both of which have been added to our website’s footer.

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