Introducing Miner247: Automated Mining Software

Introducing Miner247: Automated Mining Software

Introducing Miner247:
Automated Mining Software

Speak with Miner247 today by messaging @Miner247Demo on telegram.

Your Trusted Friend

Running a mine shouldn’t have to be your day job. Hire Miner247 to do it! Miner247 is an artificial intelligence system with the directive of ensuring miners run at peak efficiency.


Miner247 communicates through Telegram. This allows him to work with you on any device that is convenient.

This also means that Miner247 can let you know when something is not quite right. Miner247 is an expert in mining, and can monitor and automatically rectify issues when possible.

  • He can detect issues with connectivity and pool status to ensure your miner is always receiving instructions.
  • He can detect suboptimal hardware performance due to chip errors or missing boards.
  • Miner247 can monitor chip temperature, ambient board temperature, room temperature and local region temperature and forecast to ensure that your miners are always running at safe temperatures.

Miner247 can also be configured to track your mining proceeds. This means he can help you track your profitability over time, and also help you with your taxes related to mining.

The Box

Why hire expensive technicians to pace the aisles of your mine when you only need one employee: Miner247.

Ask us how Miner247 can also be configured to help colocation facilities report on their client miners and generate tax documentation for mining proceeds.

We support on-premise installations. Miner 247 can be installed behind your firewalls to prevent any

unnecessary transfer of data into or out of your mine. We understand you take security seriously and we respect your privacy.

Multiple boxes can be configured to run in parallel to monitor larger mines as a mesh network.

Please note that as an artificial intelligence system, once Miner247 is allowed out of the box he cannot be put back in.


Have a few rigs that need looking after? Miner247 can shepherd your flock. He can keep an eye on them through a subscription service. Get access to mining dashboards and chat with Miner247 on Telegram to manage your miners remotely.

Subscription service is charged per miner making this an ideal solution for small and institutional miners alike.

Automatic Error Detection & Resolution

Your miners are hard workers. They likely run at full blast all the time, with no breaks. You may have noticed that sometimes things go wrong: boards can go missing, pool connections can be lost, chips start throwing errors. This could translate to your miner running below it’s intended performance, costing you money!

Miner247 can keep an eye on your miners for you. He can detect a library of issues that might happen to your miner and automatically take the appropriate action. If he can’t, then he’ll ping you.

Now you don’t have to lose sleep worrying if your miner is underperforming. Miner247 may actually save you money by keeping your mine running at peak efficiency.

Reach out to us today to learn how we can deploy Miner247 for you!

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