FutureBit Apollo

FutureBit Apollo

The FutureBit Apollo is a next-generation Scrypt miner for mining litecoin. It is going to be a small, 140 MH/s device requiring only 200W in an attempt to further decentralize blockchains. These units are smaller than most ASICs but are actually slated to be the most efficient rigs on the market.

It’s a particularly interesting decision to go after the Scrypt algorithm given the recent flooding of the hash rate by Bitmain’s L3+s. FutureBit did have previous experience launching the Moonlander 2, so it made sense to continue down the same path undeterred by nuances of short term price or hash rate fluctuations.

At 200W, the FutureBit Apollos ca be run anywhere, and is a less than ideal choice for colocation. This unit performs optimally when using 120 or 208, 220 or 240V power sources which means they can be run at residential locations. The miner produces some but not a lot of heat so it can be run almost anywhere. We can still happily host them though ad could potentially be contracted to work on interesting orchestration projects.

For a current profitability estimate be sure to check out our mining calculator.

About FutureBit

Futurebit is a company attempting to decentralize mining, an ideal we both share. According to their website, FutureBit is a blockchain technology company dedicated to providing cutting edge decentralized hardware and software solutions to enable the blockchain era for everyone. Based in Brooklyn, NY Futurebit had previous success with the release of their Moonlander2 mining line.

They now are selling preorders for the next generation of Scrypt miners for mining litecoin. The Futurebit Apollo will provide 100-140 MH/s of Scrypt for less than 200W. A Futurebit Apollo preorders for $274 USD.

 futurebit apolloThe FutureBit Apollo

  • Power Consumption: 200W
  • Cost: $274
  • Hashrate: 504 MH/s
  • Efficiency: 1.66 W/MH
  • Probability of Delivery: Uncertain

If you do decide to purchase a Futurebit Apollo, we hope that you’ll consider the Miners’ Union for your colocation needs!

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