Obelisk DCR1

Obelisk DCR1

The Obelisk DCR1 was announced in November of 2017, Obelisk tech realized that the Blake256 algorithm was quite similar to the Blake2b algorithm they were working with for their SC1s. The Obelisk DCR1s were purported to have a hash rate of 1.2 TH/s for 500W, but we do not believe units have been delivered as of yet.

Given the controversy around the SC1s and the subsequent promise to deliver DCR1s, we believe that the DCR1s will not be delivered. Even if delivered, between the newly announced Antminer DR3, the Innosilicon D9+ and the Whatsminer D10, this miner will be obsolete before it is released.

At 500W, the Obelisk DCR1 is an ideal choice for colocation. This unit performs optimally when using 208, 220 or 240V power sources which are often difficult or impossible to find at residential locations. The miner produces a lot of heat so it is best run in a location with a managed climate.

For a current profitability estimate be sure to check out our mining calculator.

About Obelisk.Tech

On June 23rd, 2017 Obelisk announced plans to release a siacoin miner, the SC1 and pre-sold units to the public. Shortly after in November 2017, they announced that the siacoin algorithm, Blake2b was very similar to that of Decred, Blake256. They therefore planned on releasing additional Decred miners, the DCR1s. The Obelisk DCR1s were pre-sold for $2499 a miner and aimed to provide at least 475 GH/s for <500W of power by June 2018. Many miners were pre-sold, and we at the Miners’ Union spoke to them about making some room in our mines for the forthcoming SC1s and DCR1s which we happily agreed to.

Not long into development, in January Bitmain abruptly released their own siacoin miner, the Antminer A3. This miner used 1275W for 815 GH/s. Bitmain then proceeded to drown the market in A3s such that even the more efficient miner had a significantly depressed daily reward.

On top of an angry client base that began to capitulate to the realization that the units they had preordered would be obsolete upon arrival, June 2018 came and went and Obelisk still had not completed orders of SC1s. United States consumer protection laws govern that a refund must be issued upon non-delivery of a preordered item which came and went. A class action law suit has been undertaken by many of the original SC1 purchasers.

  obelisk dcr1The Obelisk DCR1

  • Power Consumption: 500W
  • Cost: $1999
  • Hashrate: 1.2 TH/s
  • Efficiency: 416 W/TH
  • Probability of Delivery: Low due to legal challenges from other business units

If you do decide to purchase an Obelisk DCR1, we hope that you’ll consider the Miners’ Union for your colocation needs!

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