Colocation Services

Colocation Services

Looking for a home for your mining rigs? Run your machines in one of our mines located in the United States.

Find a home for your machines in a Miners’ Union mine, or diversify across multiple. Benefit from our favorable locations and trust your machines to expert hands.

So you’ve purchased a cryptocurrency miner, a state of the art ASIC that’s ready to start printing cryptocurrency. You grab the plug to the power supply and realize the plug looks different. Uh oh – you don’t think you have a 240 volt outlet in your house.

Actually, a few of you might say, I had one installed in the garage for when I had that food truck come for that birthday party. You bring the miner outside, plug it in, point it at the pool and…

Yikes that’s loud! Neighbors start sticking their heads out of windows looking for the source of the noise. There’s no way your spouse is going to let you run this thing through the night.

Actually, the few hermits among you who have made it this far into the hypothetical would say, this isn’t so bad. It’ll keep away the cougars. You happily run it in your shanty and sleep easy for the first time in months now that the mountain cats are at bay.

The end of the month comes and you tear open the electric bill. You realize you dramatically miscalculated, as the rate you thought you were getting was based on peak draw. You ran at peak draw… all month without a business electric rate. You’re now broke.

Here at the Miners’ Union, we solve all of those issues for you. No matter where on earth your miner lives, you’ll always get the following service:

  • Access to a 208-240v power source in a climate controlled location.
  • Insurance for replacement value of your miner.
  • Redundant internet connection with automated failover.
  • VPN access, so you can access your miners remotely.
  • Coverage by our automated miner management software to optimize uptime and diagnose issues.
  • On-site repair staff following an identical procedure, no matter the location.
  • Loaner miners if undergoing repairs (*subject to availability)

Learn how you can colocate your machine with us today!