Empowering Miners Everywhere

Empowering Miners Everywhere

Looking to start mining with a single unit? Perhaps you’re seeking for a home for your first batch of a thousand ASICs? We strive to enable everyone to contribute to the cryptocurrency cloud of tomorrow.

We strive to provide access to those looking to get involved in mining bitcoin, litecoin, or any other cryptocurrency.

There aren’t many ways to invest in cryptocurrency. You can…

  • Invest directly by transferring fiat currency like dollars, euros, or pounds onto an exchange where for a fee you can receive cryptocurrency.
  • Wait for an ETF to be approved by the SEC. It doesn’t look good.
  • You can mine.

Mining isn’t easy. There was a time when you could mine certain cryptocurrencies with spare CPU resources. That time has passed. Now to mine currencies, one would require special facilities with access to large amounts of electricity, rare, highly specialized machines and the resources to maintain the system.

We abstract away these concerns for you. We can get you going with as little as a single miner. We’ll source it for you, set it up for you, maintain it for you, and even sell or decommission it for you.

One of the core tenets of the bitcoin community is to promote decentralization. By democratizing access to mining by reducing the barrier to entry, we hope to promote this culture of decentralization.

If you can envision it, then we can provision it.