Your Machines are Your Own

Your Machines are Your Own

Unlike cloud mining operations, we are truly a union. You make the decisions. Come visit your miner at one of our mines.

We’re not “cloud mining”. We’re not offering you shares of our machines. We purchase and look after machines that always belong to you.

An attractive way to get involved in cryptocurrency mining has been to do what’s called “cloud mining”, or buying shares in someone’s mine. Perhaps you own a fraction of a machine, or maybe a percentage ownership in the collateralized total.

But can you ever really be sure of your ownership? Are you allowed to see the mine? Do you get a vote?

We take another approach. At The Miners’ Union, your machines are your own. We’ll acquire them for you, or if you already have miners you can send them to us to look after. Because you always own your machine you can:

  • Sell it to someone else in the Miners’ Union.
  • Manage the wallet address that funds are deposited from, directly from the pool.
  • Monitor it remotely using your provided VPN.
  • Come visit your miner(s) at their home. Read them a bed time story. They work really hard – don’t they deserve it?

Interested in owning a miner? Let us know and we'll help get you started.