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Machines can be difficult to source, often only being available overseas with limited, fleeting supplies. Let us handle equipment sourcing such that you can purchase with your preferred method such as credit card or check.






Machines are loud and on 24/7, not ideal to have running in your garage in the suburbs. Their large power draw also may prohibit running in a residence due to either power compatibility (they can be up to 240 volts!) or electricity cost. Colocate your machine in our mine in South Florida with our favorable electric rates and our support staff to ensure your machine’s uptime.



Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Beyond


We currently offer Bitcoin, Dash, and Litecoin mining equipment for sale to our members. We believe these cryptocurrencies are among those with the most promising future, and are currently are all among the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. We will expand our offerings as cryptocurrency technology progresses.


Why Mining?


With the exponential rise of cryptocurrency, new entrants are seeking ways to invest in what will likely be the commerce infrastructure of the future. While others wait for Bitcoin ETFs and other SPVs to be approved, you can instead seize the opportunity to invest in this market through mining.


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Union Leaders

Spencer McVey
Spencer McVey
Network/System Administrator
Spencer has years of experience in the IT field dating back to his time at FSU in 2012. Spencer's years of customer service and familiarity with service level agreements will bring a new level of support and visibility for clients to ensure miner up-time, hash rate, & accessibility.
Rob Seidman
Rob Seidman
Resources and Exploration
Rob Seidman, CFA double majored in Mathematics and Economics at Cornell, went on to obtain a Masters in Quantitative Finance. Rob dabbles in programming and data science, financial mathematics, enterprise financial risk management. Rob has experience in business development in corporate innovation, and has been immersed in both the public
Avi Aisenberg
Avi Aisenberg
Sergeant at Arms
Avi is an expert in computer hardware design. While obtaining his undergraduate degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell, he worked with Bill Nye (the Science Guy) as the head engineer on a project to install a solar clock. Following Cornell, Avi worked at Engauge as their engineering department,
Aaron Alamary
Aaron Alamary
Collective Bargaining
Aaron's is a master facilitator. As COO for an private equity firm with over $30 million annual revenue and $75 million in assets, he brings an array of experiences. Aaron has had major exposure in the fields of Treasury, Risk, HR, and Operations. Aaron studied management and business administration at
Joe Durkin
Joe Durkin
Human Resources
Joe graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Hospitality Management. Joe now owns and operates South Florida Distillers Inc., creating spirits and launching brands. After mastering the art of rum, cryptocurrency was the next logical step for a modern day pirate like Joe.